How Long Will My Home’s Paint Job Last?

A fresh coat of paint enhances your home’s curb appeal, adds value to the property, and allows you to breathe new life into outdated and dab spaces. However, repainting your house is a major undertaking. That’s why it is important to extend the life of exterior and interior paint jobs. But, how long does the paint job really last?

Typically, according to the painting Mississauga experts, with proper maintenance, your painting job lasts for five to 10years. However, many factors affect the durability of both interior and exterior coat of paint on a property. Climate, quality of paint, the health of the surface, and painting techniques can all play a significant role in the durability of the paint. Interior paint can last longer than that of the exterior.

Key Factors That Affect the Life of Paint Job

The Quality of Paint

The quality and type of your previous paint job significantly affect the durability of the paint. While premium-quality paint tends to last for a long period, especially if applied in two coats, low-quality paint doesn’t last more than five years. The type of paint used, the number of coats applied, and the colour used can all impact the longevity of exterior paint.



Many factors affect the life of a paint job, and the type of surface is one of the major factors. For instance, fibre-siding can last for more than 15 years. On the other hand, aluminium sliding has to be repainted every five years. Also, the painted bricks last for a long period, while wood painted has to be repainted every three years. So, the surface of the paint plays a crucial role in the longevity of the paint.



The climactic conditions in which you live can determine how long the paint will last, especially your exterior paint. Intense rain, harsh storms, winters, and UV rays can all cause a paint job to wear out quicker than it should. Likewise, harsh sunlight can make the paint bubble, crack, and peel.



When was the last time you had your walls cleaned and washed? Have you ever power washed your exterior walls? Was it a couple of years back? Perhaps you don’t remember doing such a thing. Well, maintenance of the walls can significantly affect the life of a paint job.


Painting Contractor

Yes. Choosing the right painting company in Mississauga is essential to make the most of your painting project and, more importantly, for a long-lasting paint job. A quick Google search of house painters near me can help you find the right painters in your community.

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