Cost of Fence Painting in Mississauga

The cost of hiring a professional can be an important consideration when choosing to do the job yourself versus hiring a professional. Even if you had a handy calculator, you could look at a before-and-after photo to see how much it would cost to paint a fence, but that won’t tell you everything you need to know. A number of factors can affect the final cost of your project, including the size of your project, the type of paint you choose, whether you paint the fence yourself, and whether you add a gazebo.

We will examine several factors that can significantly influence the average cost of painting a fence in this blog. Furthermore, it will give you some insight into whether or not you should paint it yourself or hire a professional, or under what circumstances you should do so yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Fence?

Fence painting isn’t just a one-time job. Many homeowners paint their fences or decks in their yards or outside of their houses many times in many years. As a result, fencing can be painted for several reasons, such as to remove old paint and replace it with new, match a new color scheme, or to refresh its appearance.

Fence painting and staining can be expensive. The average cost of painting or staining a fence per foot is $1-$4 and the average cost on a total basis is $800 to $6000. This is a wide price gap but it depends on lots of factors like type of paint or stain being used, the condition of the area to be painted, and whether the fence is being stained or painted.

Fence Painting Material Costs


You can paint or stain fences. There are cheaper options of painting, but they require more maintenance. It requires little maintenance and has a natural look.

Depending on the quality of the paint and the primer you use, you might need to buy primer for $30 to $50 per gallon and paint itself can cost upwards of $50 per gallon depending on its quality. Stain is a different material, so the price is different. Depending on the brand, it can cost $30 to $50 per gallon.


In general, painters can paint fences only with paint brushes or rollers. If you need a better finish in less time, we might use tools like a sprayer. There are painting contractors and painters who use their own sprayers, while others may rent. Rental sprayers cost between $100 and $150 per day. Debris has accumulated on some fences. Cleaning it with a pressure washer costs us $80 per day, which we rent.


A fence painting project’s success depends largely on preparation. It includes minor repairs, sanding, filling cracks and holes, and pressure washing (if necessary). There will, however, be a fee, anywhere from $50 to $200.


When you hire professionals, you can be certain that your paint job will be top-notch. You will get a satisfactory result if you hire professionals. Depending on the area, you may be charged $30 to $50 per hour or $1 to $4 per square foot by painters.

How to Estimate Fence Painting Costs

There are many factors involved in estimating the cost of painting a fence. Despite the fact that some people don’t know this, there are many factors that affect the cost of painting services. Cost varies based on the type of paint, size, and height of the fence, as well as the location. You will get a rough idea of the cost of painting a fence if you know its size, the price of the paint, and how much local painters charge in your area.

In addition, you can also check out sites like Homestars that give you an almost exact price estimate. Google “fence painting service [your location] HomeStars”, click a few results, below the reviews is a section called “Job Price” (you have to be logged in to see it), click on it, and you will see the price.

A fence painting contractor can provide you with an accurate quote for completing the fence painting project.

Factors that Affect the Cost of fence painting


In estimating fence painting costs, it is important to factor in the fence’s size. A larger fence means more supplies, more labor (time required), and more chances for defects and repairs to be identified. Start by determining the height, width, and depth of your fence. Based on the square footage you’re working with, you can figure out how much primer, paint or stain you’ll need (typically, about 400 square feet can be painted per gallon) and what these supplies will cost.

Painting or staining a fence

The process of painting and staining a fence seems almost the same, right? That’s not exactly right. Although painting and staining fences are similar concepts, their results differ greatly. Stains tend to be costly when applied to new fences because new woods adhere more paints and it’s cheaper than paint when reapplied after a few years. But remember only wood fences can be stained.

Paints generally cost more than stains, but they cover more area. A new coat of stain will need to be applied every two to three years. The optimal paint job requires two coats, which means we need to repaint every five years. Even when repainting fences, we have to remove flaking paints, sand it and paint it but stains won’t flake, they will fade.

Residential or commercial?

No matter what its purpose, a fence can significantly affect how much maintenance it requires, regardless of whether it’s residential or commercial. In part, this is due to the larger size and higher maintenance requirements of commercial fences. The insurance and safety regulations associated with commercial projects also increase the cost. There may be more stringent regulations regarding painting contractors on a commercial site than on a residential one, resulting in a longer job duration, higher labor costs, etc.


For renovations as for anything else, “you get what you pay for” generally applies. The list above includes various factors but leaves out less tangible factors that are equally important, such as experience, reliability, efficiency, communication, and integrity. Even if they are more expensive than less reputable options, contractors who exhibit these qualities will provide the best results.

DIY Fence Painting vs Hiring Professional

It’s not difficult to paint a fence yourself. You could actually paint your fence yourself if you were up to the task. DIY fence painting can save you money, and it’s also a fun project for kids. It is true, however, that some people don’t have the time for this kind of project. You should know how much a professional fence painter will charge you if you don’t have much time or if you want to save some money by hiring a contractor. Depending on the size of your fence, how long it will take to paint it, and where your home is located, the cost of hiring a fence painter will differ.

Professional Fence Painters in Mississauga

Mississauga Painters professionals are able to help you enhance the appearance of your home. There are many services offered by fence painters, including restoration, cleaning, and repairs.

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