The Do’s and Don’ts of Painting

If you have ever painted your home before, you know that it isn’t as easy as it looks. While we all think that grabbing a paint brush, slapping on some paint, and getting started is all that is required, a good paint job. In order to decide when you should hire someone to paint your home or business, ask yourself this question. What’s the most important factor to consider? On top of eliminating stress completely, you will receive advice, inspiration and a high-quality job when you use the help of a professional painting company. The following suggestions will help you succeed in your next painting project and ensure you receive the results you dreamed.

1. Draw inspiration from somewhere!

Have you recently been on a holiday and fallen in love with your Airbnb or resort room’s decor and color scheme? Perhaps you fell in love with a bright piece of furniture when browsing local furniture stores? You might choose a particular wallpaper for your feature wall. No matter what your inspiration is, it is important you stick to those core ideas and let your choices filter out from there. By creating a mood board with your inspiration as the centerpiece, you can plan your color scheme of the room from there and choose your paint colors accordingly.

2. What kind of room is it and when is it used?

Is your newly renovated room used in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or all day long? When choosing your paint colors, you should consider how much natural light a room receives. You might think it’s wise to use a strong, bold color in a room that receives a lot of powerful, direct sunlight during the day, to ensure that the room doesn’t look washed out. If the room is darker, not receiving much light, then lighter, brighter colors might be good to give the impression the room is larger and brighter.

3. But does it spark joy?

For your newly renovated room, it is very common to throw out, give away or reupholster your existing furniture. Do you plan to keep any existing furniture, cushions, decor, and curtains? Also, if these are neutral colors, the color you choose probably won’t matter. If you are choosing or keeping furniture that is extremely bold, pattern heavy or bright colored, you may like to use them as inspiration when choosing your color palette or a more neutral color for your walls.

Picking a paint color that goes with your furniture and decor is far easier than picking the furniture and decor that goes with the paint color.

4. The psychology behind color. What mood are you trying to achieve?

Psychology behind colors has been proven to affect someone’s mood. Do you wonder why bedrooms are generally painted in creamy white, baby blue, or light gray? The colors have been proven to help create a serene, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. In Feng Shui, colors exemplify particular moods, emotions, and overall energy. Your home’s color choices may vary from room to room. So channel the emotions and emotions you want to feel, and choose a color to feel that.

5. Be aware of undertones!

Because they all carry different undertones, there are so many shades of white, beige, grey, and black. Some shades will appear warmer when undertones by yellow, and others will appear cooler when undertones by blue. Remember your room’s colors and choose an undertone that matches them. Whenever you are choosing paint colors, it is best to adhere all the samples next to one another to better perceive their undertones.

6. It’s not just about the wall!

It is important to take into account your flooring and ceiling when choosing the perfect wall color. If the flooring is dark, a darker wall color may make the room seem smaller and darker. If your flooring is light you could get away with painting your walls a darker color. If you plan on replacing your current flooring, it is essential to match the floor, walls, and ceiling together, to ensure they won’t clash.

7. Tape color swatches onto your walls

Ideally, we would be able to take home 10 different types of paint to test them, but unfortunately that is not the best financial decision to make. Taping the color swatches on to your walls will help you visualize the color in the room even if you can’t decide between two.

Take all these things in consideration only if you take DIY approach but if you choose professional painting company like Mississauga Painters, they will take care of all dos and don’ts.