House Painting Cost in Mississauga : Interior & Exterior Painting Cost

The cost to paint a house in Mississauga will depend a lot on whether it’s the interior or exterior that’s getting painted. Exterior house painting can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $30,000 depending on the size, condition and material of the house. Interior house painting can cost between $600 and $9,000, with the final price often based on room size, number of rooms being painted, preparation, type of paint used, and whether ceiling and trims are included.

Keen to freshen up your home’s appearance with a new coat of paint, but not sure how much to set aside?

How much it costs to paint a house in Mississauga depends a lot on whether it’s the exterior or interior that’s being painted. Professional house painting can cost as little as $600 or as much as $30,000.

In this guide, you will learn how to calculate how much money is required for your house painting project. We have compiled cost information from popular service sites along with our own estimates based on first-hand experience costing and completing hundreds of painting jobs.

Cost to paint a house exterior

There are several factors to consider when determining a job’s price, including:

  • the age and condition of the house
  • the material the house is made of
  • how much of the house needs painting.

It helps to understand why painting house exteriors can cost anything between $2,000 and $30,000.

From our own experience, the cost to paint the exterior of a single-story home is anywhere from $3,000 (which includes eaves, gutters and fascia boards) up to $15,000 (which includes cladding, windows, eaves, fascia boards and gutters).

Sounds like a huge investment. In reality, painting your house’s exterior needs to be done every 5-7 years, and that makes the process fairly cost-effective. Nevertheless, depending on material and weather conditions, you may need to paint the exterior of your house more frequently or less often.

Ideally, the exterior surfaces should be prepared before painting. It may be necessary to use specialist paint or products since preparation takes longer than other tasks. As a result, the final price will be affected.

Imagine two different single-story houses, each with three bedrooms. In one case, the exterior is made of bricks, while in the other case, the exterior is made of either wood or weatherboard.

Priming and cleaning the bricks are necessary before painting the first house. Topcoats are applied only after bricks have dried. Therefore, painting a house like this typically costs around $8,000.

The existing paint on weatherboards and wood should be removed. A filler is applied to fill in cracks and gaps. Lastly, the surfaces must be sanded so they are smooth and ready for painting. Painting a house like this typically costs between $8,000 and $15,000. This is because it takes more time, labor, and materials.

The painting process for a two-story house is different again. An extra expense may be incurred due to ladders or scaffolding required to reach the second story. Painting a two-story, three-bedroom house could cost:

  • around $10,000 and above for a brick property,
  • between $15,000 and $20,000 for a wood or weatherboard property.

Note: professional painters will consider windows, doors, and extra detailing in their estimates.

Cost to paint a house interior

Choosing a professional decorator for interior painting jobs is an excellent choice. It is less expensive to paint a hallway than to paint the entire interior of the house.

Typical interior painting costs are as follows:

  • $1,000 for professionally painted bedroom and ceiling
  • $5,000 for repainting a two-bedroom unit
  • $7,000 for all interiors in a three-bedroom property (including windows, doors, and trims)
  • $9,000 for all interiors in a five-bedroom property.

Interior painting isn’t restricted to walls, either. It can also include:

  • ceilings
  • doors and doorframes
  • window frames and ledges
  • skirting boards
  • flooring.

Is the cost of painting different for each room?

Some areas are easier and quicker to paint than others. The cost of a hallway in a house can range from $600 to $1,000. Nonetheless, bathrooms and wet areas require damp paint with a higher quality than standard paint for steamy, wet conditions – and this can cost up to $1500. Thus, painting costs can vary depending on the room.

It is also possible for the price of the job to be affected by the number of rooms you want painted. When you hire a painters or decorator to paint multiple rooms, they will usually adjust their estimates accordingly. Nevertheless, this may not always be the case, and it’s dependent on how people or companies choose to work.

What affects the cost of house painting?

Obviously, the size of the job and whether the work is being performed inside or outside will affect pricing. There are other factors as well. Professional house painters also consider:

  • the cost of the paint being used
  • the color of the paint (some colors may need multiple coats or extra treatment to get the desired results)
  • the surfaces that need to be cleaned and prepared before painting
  • whether or not trims (skirting boards, cornices, moldings, railings, etc), windows and doors are included
  • the time needed to complete the job and the number of laborers needed to complete it
  • extra materials and equipment such as scaffolding and ladders to paint hard-to-reach areas.

Getting quotes from professional house painters

A good painter will ask to see your property before providing you with a fair and accurate estimate. They can make recommendations about the type of paint that’s needed after seeing the area firsthand. In addition, it allows them to identify challenges they might face. Before painting begins, they’ll consider factors like mold, dirt, and uneven surfaces when they calculate the price.

To get an estimate at the beginning of your journey, you can request a quote online or over the phone. Don’t forget to be specific. Be as detailed as possible about:

  • the structure of your home
  • how many square meters you want to be painted
  • the condition of the surfaces
  • access to the painting area
  • any trims windows or doors that need painting or protecting during the work.

Don’t put too much trust in phone and internet estimates. Prior to making a final price offer, painters should schedule an inspection of your property. You should take advantage of this. An online message or a simple conversation can give you a rough idea about the potential of a house. However, it’s another thing to have someone look over the area before it’s painted. Perhaps they will notice things you miss or suggest cost-effective approaches.

How much does it cost to paint your house?

In addition to the size of a room and the type of paint used, there are many factors that affect the cost of painting a house. For this reason, it’s always beneficial to have a professional decorator or painter evaluate your property.

When you are ready to begin estimating your budget for the project, please request a quote.

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